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Carry onSamstag 02.03.2013 04:52 PM

Tonight I'm so high
I feel so fine
And if you'll be mine
Just for a while
I'll promise to be gone
At the break of dawn
So you may carry on

Carry on baby
Carry on

I ain't the one (for you)
But we can have fun (it's true)
'Till the morning sun
And then I must run
Oh baby you're hot
Show me what you've got
Oh it's a paradise
Heat melts the ice
As you look into my eyes
Loneliness dies
These words ain't no lies
You light up the skies

In the early morning
As my lips are yawning
You're still sleeping
I hear the birds weeping
They tell me I must go
So it must be, yes I know
Please don't be sad
'Cause I don't feel bad
As I leave through the door
I remember no more
Now it's break of dawn
And we may carry on
Carry on baby
Carry on.

Andy Martin, 2012-2013

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