This is the end you know
The plans we had went all wrong
We ain't nothing but fight and shout and tears

We got to a point I can't stand
I've had it to the limit
I can't be your man
I ain't more than a minute
away from walking

We can't cry the pain away
We can't find a need to stay
I slowly realized tehe's nothing on our side

Out of my life, Out of my mind

Out of the tears we can't deny

We need to swallow all our pride

And leave this mess blind

Out of my head, Out of my bed

Out of the dreams we had, They're bad

Tell them it's me who made you sade

Tell them the fairytale gone bad

Another night and I bleed
They all make mistakes and so did we
But we did something we can never turn back right

Leave and don't look back
I won't follow
We have nothing left
It's the end of our time

We can't cry the PAIN away
We can't find a need to stay
There's no more rabbits in my hat to make things right.

Out of my life, >Out of my mind

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