i was , i am , i shall be
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The air turns black, the birds drop from the sky
This eagle has landed, I'm choking on your pride
and the walls are closing in and you don't appericiate
That in my hands tonight, i where your fate lays
her face drains...
[Stand] Stand up, take a bow you have, no reason to celebrate
[You're] you're lost in a labyrinth, scream now it's not too late

Nothing seems to break the walls down
We'll break the walls! WE'LL BREAK THE WALLS
we'll break the walls down!

[Well it looks like the end is nigh for our friends here,
he's finding it hard to keep his head,
especially with his girl screaming in his ear.
We've got to ask ourselves do they deserve this.
It's a minute to make your mind up o' clock,
speak now or forever hold your peace.]

Will he make it out?
Hope he makes it out!
He's gonna make it out!
He's gonna make it out!

[Stand] Stand up!
[You're] You're lost!
In a labyrinth!

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