єs íst zєít für єínєn nєuαnfαng. ich liebe dich 17.O2.2O1O x3

Fun in you Name ♥Montag 25.04.2011 10:42 PM

A=> Crazy
B=> Loves people and fun
C=> selfish
D=> Best Girlfriend/Boyfriend forever
E=> Gorgeous eyes
F=> Loves people wild and crazy adore you
G=> very outgoing
H=> stick to one
I=> is really sweet and romantic
J=> is very sexual
K=> hot
L=> is a very good kisser
M=> makes dating fun
N=> is a very good kisser too
O=> have one of the best personalities ever
P=> popular with all types of people
Q=> a hypocrite
R=> funny
S=> makes people laugh
T=> a smile to die for
U=> is loved by everyone
V=> not judgmental
W=> can be funny and dumb at times
X=> never let people tell you what to do
Z=> very broad minded

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