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-good night-Montag 09.02.2009 10:00 PM

these words I have drewed from this pencil
sweet words that I want to give you
and I can´t sleep
I need to tell you now
when we´re together I feel so perfect
and when I´m far away from you I fall apart
why are you saying you´re secret to me ?
your eyes are so blue , I can´t look away
as we lay in the stillness , alone
you whisper to me
´´baby , be together with me
promise , you´ll stay with me
and you don´t have to ask me
you know you´re all that I life for
you know I´ll die just to hold you
stay with you
and somehow I´ll show you
that you are my
I´ll always be right behind you
know I´ll always be right beside you´´

so baby , know that
that so many nights I ´ve cried myself to sleep
and know , when you love me
I´ll love myself
believe , that I never thought I would sleepin
but I never tought that be you , too.....


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