Extrawelt-Drehfehler♥ / Jannik mein herz :) <3 :****/bald wieder on in icq erreichbar :))

[Kein Thema]Mittwoch 28.09.2011 05:09 PM


You said so many things so many times before
all your empty words were just a painful cover
you always promised me that it would always be
together, you & i would be forever
i was too blind to see you had a hold on me
and i fell for every lie, you were so clover
i tried so hard to read the message in your eyes
but i wont let go of what we have together
there was a time when i was all alone
i never opened up until we found each other
tell me why this has to be so hard
right now i know that we belong right here together

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