Whether it's love or war you're outfitting for, thank goodness for fashion.

don't you want to band bang bang bang?Samstag 17.04.2010 08:33 PM

Teacher says that I've been naughty
I must learn to concentrate
But the girls they pull my hair
And with the boys I can't relate
Daddy says I'm good for nothing
Mama says that it's from him
Manic sister thinks I'm cracking
Brother says it's in my genes

So we put on our eyeliner
And a bit of glitter dust
Life at night is always finer
Neon streets are full of lust
Teenage kids and Soho Dolls,
They make you want to cry
Like my superstar they fall
Some will be alright

Sunlight falls onto his eyes
But he don't stir or turn
Messages on the answerphone
But none will be returned
Monday morning, lousy morning
What a day to see
In the evening I will hear it
On the BBC

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