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Liebe ist ein Geheimnis und wird es auch immer bleiben. ;) ♥

So ist es!Sonntag 12.06.2011 01:43 PM

Yeah, they talk. Yeah, they talk.
They don’t walk the walk I walk.
I won’t stop, ’til I drop.
Until then, I reach the top.
I’ma rock to where I need to be.

Walk the path of destiny.
Definitely been neglected, but God is always testin’ me.
Rest in peace to all the men that died that were protecting me.
Objectively, I need to tell you what just gets the best of me.
Essentially, people in this world just wanna let it be.
A lot of men ain’t different though, just let it be.
Set it free.
Never be scared to make change, effectively.
Always look at things from different ways, perspectively.
Every person in this world can do good.
I just want this message understood.
Alright.. stop.
Everybody’s gotta listen make the decision to envision a better place with no division.
Everybody needs a mission. Haters need to stop it, just listen.

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