~Wanna FlY~Sonntag 21.02.2010 06:23 PM

~Wanna FlY~

Wanna Fly
Wanna Fly awaY
Wanna Fly to the skY
to the mountains high

Wanna disappear
Wanna be awaY
Wanna look in the peoples eYes
see their lies
in the corner of their mind

Wanna go home
Wanna go to a place
where I can look into your Face
and you take awaY the Pain

Wanna sleep
Wanna sleep the sorroWs awaY
Wanna dream whole life
not think of the kniFe
in the corner of my mind

Wanna CrY
Wanna CrY whole life
Wanna CrY because I haven´t got you
What do you do?
Why you?

Wanna loVe
WAnna loVe You
Wanna forget me for You
because of You
Where are You?

Wanna have a sense
For life
To have a reason to live
Is it You?
I don´t know
But if it´s so
I will live for You

Wanna laugh
WAnna laugh with you
WAnna laugh all daY
Wanna laugh all the problems awaY
With You?
Is it You?

I have fear
My Dear
I am broken
Will you rescue me?
Will you take awaY the pain ?
Will you lead me throug the rain?
I wait Of You

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