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You changed my lifeDienstag 23.03.2010 01:44 PM

Some Time Ago
I Was Happy
You See It So,
But Deep Inside I Felt Badly.
I Gave And Gave And Waited For The Things
Which Were Given Back To Me
I Looked For It, I Surched For It,
But I Find Only A Bit.
So One Day, There Was The Flash.
Everything I Gave Was Given Back To Me.

You Enter My Life,
You Changed My Life
You Go Through It Like A Knife.
But It Goes On Slowly;
Because You And Me, We Aren`t Lonely.

I Have To Be Careful,
I Dont Stop On My Way.
Your Best Friend, Your Second Soul.
I Dont Want To Put Her Away.

Behind Me My Old Life,
In Front Of Me My New Life.
But I Can`t Walk In This Shoes.
Because I Noticed That I Put Her Away.
My New Life Became Loosed.

Im Between Two Sides
One Say Go On And Laughed At Me.
The Other One Looked Sadly
What Shall I Do? Tell Me Please?!
There Is The Stone In My Way.
I Can`t Put Him Away
I Don`t Want To Put Him Away

Now The Stone Is Away
He Wouldn`t Stop Me Now
I Wished I Could Come To You
But I Don`t Know How
You Still Stand So Far
And I am Too Proud
It`s A Fight With Myself
I Wanna Screaming Loud

Im Sorry Of The Past
Im Feeling So Bad
But Having You As A Friend
Is The Best Feeling I Had

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