und noch son depri lied ^^ Montag 08.10.2007 06:17 PM

thought I saw you late last night
But it was just a flash of light
An angel passing
But I remember yesterday
Life before you went away
And we were laughing
We had hope and now it's broken

And I could see it clearly once
When you were here with me
And now somehow all that's left are
Pieces of a dream

And now I'm lost in restless nights
Just a whisper of the life
t That we created
Shadows falling
I am calling


The faded photographs
The frames of broken glass
The shattered memories
Time will soon erase
All these souvenirs
Falls from a thousand tears
But when I wake up you are never there

We had hope and now it's broken

(Chorus 2x)

Pieces of a dream

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