Es ist Zeit, schreiend im Kreis zu laufen!

Cause she has her time <3Montag 10.05.2010 07:03 PM

she comes home , its raining and very dark and cloudy she puts her stuff on the sofa and looks outside nobody is there on the streets . when she looks outside it seems gloomy and sad. all the people are in the houses nobody wanna come out. she hears the thunder and sees the lightnings. she goes in the kitchen opens the fridge and takes something out of this she goes outside on her terrace. she takes a chair and puts them on the terrace in the middle of the rain. she takes a little table and puts them next to the chair . she sits down on the chair in the middle of the rain. she eats her strawberries and takes a sip of her champange.she starts smiling cause she has her time and HER sun is shining

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