"It's a hard life, with love in the world;Loving me is like chewing on pearls"
A path of pieces the mirrow broke
my feet are bleeding
rain drops not to tell apart from the tear drops
running over my face
frozen they fall down
I guess I'm home again
Home again

Well,I don't really know where I was
but now I'm here again
To show my love to you
I have not forgotten
I'll take you with me everywhere I will ever go
But sometimes I wonder if I could feel you...
Dead inside

Black clouds,red sky falling down on me
thunder crashin down to earth
Darling,I'm not afraid again
my heart is not dieing anymore
Cause I know I cannot die
Thank you....

The last thing I wanted to see is you,my love
I hope you're fine
I will never forget you
You will never forget somebody you really loved...
And I hope you will remember me after all....

---> by:myself

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