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"It's a hard life, with love in the world;Loving me is like chewing on pearls"
Without a noise I'm wlaking down the road of my past again
It's all supposed to be a memory but I'm walking on
and with every step my breahte goes away
I can feel the pain again,I understand why it's all left to be a memory
I can have a better life,but I ..I'm walking on...

I'm looking for something,I'm missing something

I've never left something i need,but I know it doesn't even matter
what I'm doing to take you back to me
And I know my heart is gone somewhere
and nothing is left in me

And now I can't see anymore there's too many fog where I am
It all was supposed to be just my memories
I shouldn't take a look back to it,but I'm walking on
I try to find what I have lost here,it must be here somewhere
Without that I'm nothing and I'm walking on

So now I'M at the end of my travel in my memories
Suddenly there's no fog anymore,I cann see you
You're standing with bloody hands in front of me
I understand,I left my heart with you
It lies in your hands in two pieces
I'm fallin', I'm diein'
OH,and as I wake up,I look at me
Blood everywhere I look,a digger in my heart
and I can see you,You're preetier than all the times before
You're standin' in front of me
Holding the digger with your bloody hands...

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