"It's a hard life, with love in the world;Loving me is like chewing on pearls"

Without you(You're nothing for me)Samstag 07.04.2007 09:10 PM

As you left me
Everything stopped
And now,when you're laughin' at me
I'm back at the moment before you left me
You're so much for me
A life without you
I wouldn't call it life
You're everything for me

My heart is empty without you
The streets i'm walkin' without you
Are endless
Wet of all the rain
fallin' since you left me
With you I would never walk these roads again
We would fly right into the sun
till we get burned
till you say you miss me too
till you tell me I'm good enough for you
Till you tell me I'M everything for you

But now I'm standin' in the rain
Full of insignificant thoughts
And pain
Tears in my eyes
'cause I still can smell you
I still feel you

But there's nothing in my arms
But now there's nothing
You're nothing for me...

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