"It's a hard life, with love in the world;Loving me is like chewing on pearls"

I will kiss you goodbyeDienstag 03.04.2007 07:25 PM

My mind doesn't speak now
It's my heart...screamin' for you to hear me
but you're not listenin'...
My little world is breakin'
and I just keep starrin'
See now it's the ending
But you're not here for me...

It doesn't evev matter
what you're thinkin'
Let all the bad things be forgotten
I'm tellin' you the truth
'cause it was long ago...
and it's now
and it will be for once and forever

I love you
I need you
And when you're down
I was always waitin' for you there
to help you to be strong

If youwill feel better
It's you're chance to leave
I will kiss you goodbye
I let my angel go with you
That meeting will be the best part of my life
I will kiss you goodbye...

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