"It's a hard life, with love in the world;Loving me is like chewing on pearls"

KleptomaniacDonnerstag 27.06.2013 10:05 PM

I don’t bag for understanding or pardon

See it as the way made for us

I’m just here for a moment, by chance

Don’t tell about, the hate I feel about myself,

when I’m waking up

‘cause it’s another day to make it right

Now I’m alone, ‘cause I did it right

Have you seen the kleptomaniac?

Smilin’ while she’s stealin’ your heart again?

She’s a repeat offender

Wants to give herself the best and gets the worse

The kleptomaniac, the kleptomaniac

It doesn’t matter, how you see me

I have been made like this

The hidden truth will probably not come out

Even I know it and they already get it, I deny

I’m not like this, no

It’s a genetic sickness inside of me

I’m too sick to be yours forever

Where are my tears?

Where have my feelings go?

Insane dreams, restless nights

God, help to heal this damned soul

There is another day to make it right

And I’ll do it right

And will do it wrong

Playing my role, my destiny.

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