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Ohhh DAmm :'DDFreitag 01.04.2011 12:53 AM

Well, how does a nice salami, goat cheese, peanut butter and crayfish sandwich sound ? :'D Now; I wonder where we could dig one of those up. Well, lookie here :D Look out below. Something's missing. Here's your ice cream; Mom. Tabali & calm ( IHH ) :D That's the missing ingredient :D. Well, it's not for me, it's for the baby xD. What's she carring in there, a chain-smoking otter ? :'DD Damm, they always put the calms on the bottom :D Oh, Mom, we saw something very interesting on the way home today. We saw some pregnet women coming out of the supermarket and they were pushing carts filled with that ... :'DD Oh, God, what do you call it ? xD GROCERIES :'DD Yeah :D

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