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What does ranks to riches mean to you?Donnerstag 18.10.2012 04:57 PM

So what does ranks to riches mean to you? What does ranks to riches mean to me? It means progression. It’s more about ambition and success than it is about rich and poor. So by having a vision, a dream
I’ll go, I’m going after it. You might be a trainee at MacDonald’s or Burger King and after 2 years, you’re the manager. You might be on the road and your land does a half a day and after a couple months on 2 zets you might be a single mom working 2 jobs paying for more hours in a day and you still manage to graduate uni, you could be anything. Just as long as you want more than you have in your current situation you need to go get it. Cuz stress and money usually goes hand in hand but everyone has different talents and skills just not a time for there’s no shit amount of money to represent you. I suppose it’s just a state of mind. Some people got it and some people just don’t !

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