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Rusted 'nd like n0thing <3 :DMittwoch 16.09.2009 10:34 PM

Dissect me 'til me blood runs
Down into the drain.
My bitter heart is pumping
Oil into my veins.
I'm nothing but a tin man,
Don't feel any pain.
I don't feel any pain.
I don't feel any pain.
I'm rusted from the rain.

You disturb my natural emotions
You make me feel like dirt
And I'm hurt
And if I start a commotion
I'll only end up losing you
And that's worse

Cast off the crutch that kills the pain,
The red flag waving never meant the same,
The kids of tomorrow don't need today,
When they live in the sins of Yesterday.

Well I've never seen us act like this,
Our only hope is the minds of kids,
And they'll show us a thing or two.

Our only weapons are the guns of youth,
It's only time before they tighten the noose,
And then the hunt will be on for you

Like a fire,
Don't need water,
Like a jury,
Needs a liar,
Like a riot,
Don't need order,
Like a madman,
Needs a martyr.

Well it gets dark, in Pigeon Park
Voice in my head, will soon be fed
By the vultures, that circle round the dead!

I hitched a ride, until the coast
To leave behind, all of my ghosts
Searching for something, I couldn't find at home

Can't get no job, can you spare a dime?
Just one more hit, and I'll be fine
I swear to God, this'll be my one last time!

I never once thought, I'd ever be caught!
Staring at sidewalks, hiding my track marks!
I left my best friends, or did they just leave me?

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