You know..tonight I*m feeling a little.. outta control..

cutDienstag 11.11.2008 11:24 PM

I don*t know what makes you happy. maybe it*s this life you always wanted with me. but know you found somebody else who can be everything you want. the one I couldn*t be the time you needed it.
my life is a lie .. or was it yours?
I don*t want to think about all these tears. the walls can hide the screaming, as also as my face can do. you don*t know me anymore. and I hate that you think you still do.
"I hate everything about you - only when I stop to think about it" our belts were cut. I won*t fix them.

all these feelings disappear when I smile and look in somebody elses eyes and see all these other images. wasn*t this your wish? everything is a lie and just the pokerface is real. all these people walk in and out our both lives. but you will always be. can*t forget these little seconds when I was happy and you didn't see it. but thats not more important. it always remains the same when I see your face.
so know I*m ready again, pretty face walks out the door. like so many times. I cross the street and ask me again what will come next. this is life, seems so long and so short.. I don*t wanna think about. the truth is chasing me. every step that I take.
these green eyes have more to tell than you see.
everything will work out fine so don*t look back. just when you lie awake at night. you can*t sleep and don*t know why. open your eyes and ask yourself the questions you*d never can answer.
this is the perfect lie.
shhh... nobody will ever know it. so don*t speak.

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