The biter will be bittenDonnerstag 25.09.2008 02:52 AM

Let me tell you about a girl I know
She was the one and I loved her so
But when the sun went down she turned to black
she made me don't want to come back

The days passed and I finally left her
Was hard to move on alone
I thought we still could be friends
but her feelings made us fall apart

I have lost the fights
Gave in when she wanted me near
She has lost the fights
Now I don't care anymore

You can't hurt me anymore
Cause you're withering in the dark
Is this what you have aimed for
This tragedy was your final mark

I will go on my steady way
if you like it or not
We'll see in the end
who's to blame afterwards

I don't give a f**k about you
"Hope dies last"
Did you really think it will come true?
Not you, I've learned enough

Bye bye my dear
I am f**king done with you
and I will truly die laughing
when you just realize that you were wrong!

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