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Mar 31, 2007
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Ich spreche Deutsch aber not good. So, I prefer English.


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05.05.2008 20:48<HiiqhLiiqhT__x3>folks? =D all right here^^
05.05.2008 20:50<HiiqhLiiqhT__x3>oh man tommorw we write a englishtest...usally i am good but i think that will be really bad =/
05.05.2008 22:13<MaddyMelone>yes vany i think it too.. i didn´t know anything.. thats not good for me.. =(
05.05.2008 22:16<HiiqhLiiqhT__x3>yes and for me too =(( its really terrible arrrr -.-
05.05.2008 22:21<MaddyMelone>vany look at my standard pic
05.05.2008 22:29<HiiqhLiiqhT__x3>wait^^
05.05.2008 22:29<MaddyMelone>^^
05.05.2008 22:32<HiiqhLiiqhT__x3>so cool^^ =DD
07.05.2008 16:04<HiiqhLiiqhT__x3>HeLLo :)
07.05.2008 18:44<Miss_Lauri>hi ((:
07.05.2008 21:50<HiiqhLiiqhT__x3>oh cool :) my teacher today said that the english test is soooo bad oh man i am scared
07.05.2008 22:50<MaddyMelone>oh yes vany i´m too... help.. xD... oh my god... i hope that i didnt have a 4 or a 5=(
07.05.2008 23:32<HiiqhLiiqhT__x3>yes i hope it too but i don&acute;t know ypu know what mrs weber vuhs has told us -.- =/
08.05.2008 17:28<MaddyMelone>yes i know
08.05.2008 21:14<HiiqhLiiqhT__x3>hmmm shice^^
27.05.2008 14:51<ellsa>helloouu guys! how are u doing?? i've been little off from here. but, now im in us and we have computer again! yeay
07.06.2008 17:17<[Ge4tee]>hello, how are you???
13.06.2008 20:59<ellsa>im fine too thanks
13.06.2008 21:02<HiiqhLiiqhT__x3>and i am too ^^
23.06.2008 18:00<TathYs_EheWeib>i hope that too :D
23.06.2008 21:22<HiiqhLiiqhT__x3>i hope you hope ? who much hope is it xD
17.08.2008 14:37<wOOdkAEnErgIE>hello my friends how are you? :)
03.10.2008 23:29<|unlimited>what are you talking about?...are you from England, USA or Australia?
25.11.2008 16:26<19-Riot-45>suck my dick !! xD
03.01.2009 21:54<Neji>Hello. I'm new in this gallery, originally I'm in finnish irc-gallery.
05.01.2009 17:14<El-Niño_>cheers mates!! liverpool is represented by me now xD
13.01.2009 22:56<kos>you must lern only one phrase to find friends in germany : "Ich liebe Bier"
30.01.2009 15:22<ellsa>haha theres so much finnish people...
30.01.2009 19:08<SiL3nt_PaiN>hi ^^
22.03.2009 14:36<Smoke_Dawg>any1 here that is not a german trying to speak anglish?
04.04.2009 17:03<ChocoLaTe_BunnY>jeaaa at last some people that can speak englisch :D im half german and half englisch
08.04.2009 12:58<ChocoLaTe_BunnY>haha i bet theres loads in here that pretend to be englisch or somthing like it xD
21.04.2009 16:42<ZUFALL>yeahh, i'm from finland tooo ^^
10.06.2009 16:22<AngelEye>hella all
11.06.2009 01:20<AngelEye>hello sry lol
26.06.2009 13:08<Red_Star>i understand english good enough, to know what sthe bloodhound gang is singin about xD... and i like the songs of them, because they're so damn funny :D
26.06.2009 15:09<Red_Star>i need to find a, new vagina; any kind of, new vagina; it's hard to rhyme a, word like vagina; kelvin klein? a kind of north carolina... xD
05.08.2009 23:48<Red_Star>sorry but my english is under all pig *g* :D... just a joke :P... my english isn't the best, but better than the english of some of my friends x)
24.09.2009 22:31<dsonja>cool
10.12.2009 16:18<[Enqelsblut_x3]>hey
30.12.2009 11:49<Red_Star>germany x'D
30.12.2009 11:49<Red_Star>genauso wie you xD
30.12.2009 15:10<Red_Star>no its not xD
16.03.2010 23:00<Red_Star> ;)
24.05.2010 17:09<|Ultimate|>@Remember|Me: You must say you love the English language: D Sorry if you feel attacked !
27.05.2010 16:39<|Ultimate|>@Remember|Me: I'm proud of you :P ..
15.10.2010 20:33<jedroosa>well hello people there
15.10.2010 20:35<jedroosa>how r you :::)
15.10.2010 20:39<jedroosa>im fine i'm just annoyed about the snow D:
15.10.2010 20:44<jedroosa>yes we do, now.. and i hate it
15.10.2010 20:49<jedroosa>yeah -.- and winter is so damn long too
15.10.2010 21:08<jedroosa>well i hope so .. :D but last summer was waaaay too hot in here *:o*
15.10.2010 21:17<jedroosa>yeah, our summers shouldn't be hot either but last summer.. it REALLY was hot. like 36 degrees..o:
15.10.2010 21:24<jedroosa>yeah and that is not very usual in Scandinavia ;O
16.10.2010 01:14<Red_Star>i've been to finland this summes and it was pretty warm
16.10.2010 13:11<jedroosa>:D yes it was
16.10.2010 13:41<emiroxx>in germany it was pretty warm too, no vacation needed :P but it actually was too short
17.10.2010 00:38<emiroxx>:)
27.01.2011 20:24<La-Jenny>@Johnny-: :DD
01.05.2014 17:50<Tiinaa>Hey i can german and you?@La-Jenny:
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