komischer weise bin ich immer betrunken wenn ich mich hier einlogge #nostalgie
"See you going the way of your live
I want to follow want to shoud around that
When I see your face, see in your eyes
everything in me begin to cry
for you...and what you do
let the moon only shine for you
I'm all around, wherever you are
Your beauty lets my heart be still

But in my dreams I can hold you....
But in my dreams I can follow you....
And in my dreams I can love you
And in my dreams I can see you and me
And in my dreams I can take another place
But in my's so unreal....

Can't you hear what my feelings show
Let me have a part on your happyness
you heal your ambiance somehow...
what I see of you and me will never end
But when you hold me near you can drown out the crowd
no matter I do just can't got enough of you...
When you've gone my dreams turn into tears"

lippe hat so recht...

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