Whether it's love or war you're outfitting for, thank goodness for fashion.


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drumming song.Samstag 29.01.2011 01:29 AM

louder than sirens, louder than bells, sweeter than heaven and hotter than hell.

latein..Mittwoch 19.01.2011 10:06 PM

wo ist ubi? äh in troja :D

[Kein Thema]Sonntag 26.12.2010 09:46 PM

na toll, telefonanlage schrott.
wwi : handy :D

weg.Sonntag 10.10.2010 12:10 AM

bis freitag in berlin(:
wwi : handy!


thanks...Donnerstag 07.10.2010 11:53 PM

one night and "one more time"
thanks for the memories, even though they weren't so great.

get it?
So I grab my bags and go, as far away as I can go.
Cause everything ain't what I used to know.
And I try to hide, but I just can't hide no more.

There's nothing worse than feeling like a ghost.

[Kein Thema]Dienstag 20.07.2010 02:29 PM

"okay, stopp! keiner bewegt sich! wir haben den pfannenwender verloren!"

gott, wie geil :DDD

[Kein Thema]Mittwoch 09.06.2010 12:15 AM

cicero zerstörte mein leben.
antonius hätte ihn vorher töten sollen :D

i'm too jaded for loveFreitag 04.06.2010 01:09 AM

It's a shame you don't know what you're running from
Would your bones have to break and your lights turn off
Would it take the end of time to hear your hearts false start?

One good scandal deserves another.
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