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Back homeFreitag 31.10.2008 08:00 AM

Belowed Brothers and Sisters!
We want to apologize our early departure of the USA tour! One show was cancelled from our part, by the work of evil spirits and ancient forgotten powers. You will share stories of that adventure once we all enter the Halls of Valhalla! We cannot explain things deeper than this but we promise that the new continent will be a battleground once again during the year 2009!
Last night me and Markus worked with new material till 06.00. And we continued when we woke up, soundcheck, gig, food and back to compose. This is SO cool method to write new stuff on tour!

Intersection is very big venue and again (same as yesterday) no doors in mens toilets, hah. I was expecting that venue would be like half full when we start bit it was packed! We really won crowd to our side today. Great gig! Moshpit almost in every song. Wicked! There was also warm shower so its been perfect day so far!

So one more to go and then its time to "march back to our kingdom".
First encounter with GWAR was very nice, singer came to our bus to welcome us to the tour.

We had to modify our set a bit and it was very fun to play Battle Song after a while. Very small stage (again our backline had to be set in front of GWARs gear) and somehow I hit my mic stand and it fell to front row and I also hit my elbow to cymbal stand. Ouch. And I wasnt even drunk. HAH!

It was obvious that no one from audience had ever even heard of us or our material. But we like challenges. During our spectacular 6 song set we got people to clap their hands and shout traditional folk-beer shouts "Hey Hey..". No one tossed rotten tomatoes/beer bottles to stage so I think we did pretty good show. Petri even got two guys to start MOSHPIT during Ahti!!! And five more people joined it! HAH! THANKS DUDES!

Now its time for a fast "shower" and then I go check out other bands.

GWAR gigs UPDATE!Donnerstag 23.10.2008 11:50 PM

We supposed to be the second band but for making everyones life easier we agreed to be the first band because Toxic Holocaust and Kingdom of Sorrow share backline so it would be stupid to make crews change whole backline back and forth.

So just to let you know if you want to see the best gig of the evening, be there early. ;)

DAY OFFDonnerstag 23.10.2008 01:20 PM

Brilliant day! We took hotel room for shower and had 2 huge dinners in Dennys (good breakfast!). Eki and Pete went to movies, Emmi went to mall and me and Super-Mahi worked with new material. New song is a KILLER!!!!

We got information that we have only 30 minutes to play in GWAR gigs. HAH! Maybe we play Victory song (10min), Lai Lai Hei (7min), Into Battle (6min) and Old Man (6min)? ;) I think we have played so short set only once (in Helsinki /w Megadeth).

Anyway, it was a perfect day to relax and gain energy for last shows. Its 05.18 and time to go sleep but I cant get this new song ou of my head...maybe I wake up Markus to jam it with me few more times. :D
NY rocked! It was very dark venue so from stage you could only see like first ~5 rows.

Our busdriver Sam got us a table in stake place few blocks from the venue (cant remember the name, sorry) and food was ABSOLUTELY perfect!! Huge stake, mashed potatoes with garlic, mushrooms, onions, a desert I had divine cheesecake and good whiskey (Talisker). Damn it was good meal.

We didnt have electricity in the bus because of NY laws so while we waited for our driver to arrive we went to metalbar. Pretty good screwdrivers.

Jaxx, second time here this year. As hot as I remembered and as great audience as I remembered. BRILLIANT!

Amon Amarth crew did some "last gig amusement" during our gig. HAH!
ITs been GREAT tour, Im really gonna miss all these guys.

Thanks to The Abcense, Belphegor, Amon Amarth including their helpful crew and our own irreplaceable Warrior Crew. We salute you all! \m/

So we have day off tomorrow (because we cant make it to the first gig with Gwar) and after that 3 more shows. So tomorrow we have WHOLE day for composing new material. Cool.

Now Im off to hang around with others since its the last night.

19.10.08 USA, Philadelphia, PA, TrocaderoMontag 20.10.2008 10:02 AM

Feeling much better! Splendid!

Last night Petri and our sound engineer Eki destroyed few bottles of sortilege and one BIG bottle of vodka so they were little bit tired this morning.

Todays venue was very nice even though the stage was very high and audience was IMO too far way. Still good gig, I really enjoyed my monitor sound but master-Pete had some problems with his own. Hopefully we can afford to get our own monitor guy to next tour.

Only few shows to go. :/
Everything feels so short after 2 month long Paganfest.

So tomorrow NY and its time to hunt some new Chuck Norris t-shirts!

By the way, very good vietnamise restaurant today (sorry cant remember name but it was just around the corner from venue) 8 1/2.

18.10.08 USA, Worcester, MA, The PalladiumSonntag 19.10.2008 06:46 AM

Second time here during this year. Always a pleasure! Great gig. Im feeling little bit sick so Im off to sleep. No, its not hangover. :P
After yesterdays show there was a little party. Well, actually BIG one. Unfortenately there wasnt sortilege (or any smoke flavoured whisky) in the bar we went but Johnny Walker´s black label seemed to work ok. But we had our part of sortilege since Pete bought 6 bottles. I think there is still some left. There was an afterparty in AA bus until 06.00 when we started engines and headed to Quebec City.

Wakeup ~12.00. No hangover!! Cool!

Again some technical problems. Mahis wireless transmiter was lost yesterday so we had to "chain" him with a cable. :D Also problems with footswitch´s. (whine whine...)

Gig was sweaty and crowd was brilliant!!! Damn I miss longer gigs.

Oh and the first gig of "GWAR tour"; we cant make it in time there so its another traveday=composing day.

16.10.08 Canada, Montreal, QC, Le MedleyFreitag 17.10.2008 06:44 AM

Montreal je t´aime!

Intor didnt work and Jannes drum chair was like 10cm too low but brutal gig!! Special thanks for singing along Tale of revenge´s melody. I got chills cos of that.

Now, its time to reveal another great thing of this area to AA guys, ladys and gentlemen please welcome Sortilege!! Petri got 6 bottles of that, so I think its going to be interesting night.

I have propably lived my life in cellar or something. Markus just introduced me a band Borgnagar...damn this is GOOD! np. Colossus
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